Helpful Wireless Accessories

Your hearing may need extra assistance, even with the latest Phonak hearing aids. At the Hearing Diagnostics Center in Goshen, Indiana, we offer wireless accessories to aid your hearing needs.

In Noise or Over-Distance

When you are surrounded by loud noise or trying to listen over distance, following a conversation can be difficult.
We offer a wide selection of wireless accessories that can help in these challenging
listening situations.
In Noise or Over-Distance Accessories - Wireless Accessories
TV & Multimedia Accessories - Wireless Accessories

TV & Multimedia

For those who struggle to enjoy using multimedia technology or battle over your TV’s volume with others, then try a wireless stereo headset.
You will receive the clearest personal audio with minimal stress.

Phone Calls (Home/Cell)

When trying to enjoy a phone conversation at home, you may become overwhelmed by background noise from kids or the TV.
Our accessories bring the caller’s voice directly into both hearing aids, offering you greater
hearing quality.


Phone Call Accessories - Wireless Accessories
Classroom Accessories - Wireless Accessories


In situations when students can clearly hear and understand their teacher, real and meaningful education occurs and children become truly engaged. Bridge the understanding gap by sending the teacher’s words directly into a student’s hearing aids or cochlear implants with Rogers Hearing Solutions™.

Remote Control

Our selection of remote controls offers user friendly, quick, and easy adjustment to your hearing aids. This allows you to control your hearing aids with the simple click of your remote control.

Contact us for additional information about our selection
of wireless accessories for those with hearing loss.

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