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Make hearing easier with Phonak™-brand hearing aids from the Hearing Diagnostics Center, located in Goshen, Indiana. We sell only the best in today's hearing devices. Our highly trained staff provides you with the information you need for a successful hearing-aid experience.

Phonak Audeo Q

For optimal support in the most challenging listening situations, try Phonak Audeo Q hearing aids. These devices offer excellent sound quality, are discreet, feature a modern and virtually invisible, behind-the-ear design, help manage tinnitus, and come in different models, available at different price points.


• Speech in Wind
• Auto Stereo Zoom
• Auto Zoom Control
• Sound Flow

• Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator

Audeo Q Model - Hearing Aids
Bolero Q - Hearing Aids

Phonak Bolero Q

Ensure speech signals are heard clearly in both ears with Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. These hearing aids are for individual lifestyle and hearing needs, are resistant to dust and water, allow you to understand and hear in even the toughest listening situations, and come in models featuring different performance levels.


• Speech in Wind • Auto Stereo Zoom • DuoPhone • Auto Zoom Control

Phonak Virto Q

Have confidence to explore life's rich soundscapes with Phonak Virto Q hearing aids. They are individually crafted to fit your ear canal from invisible to very small, offer perfect balance between cosmetic appeal and performance, and feature best-wearing comfort and the highest sound quality.


• Speech in Wind • Auto Stereo Zoom • DuoPhone

• Auto Zoom Control

Virto Q - Hearing Aids

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